1878 Atlas

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This map is from the City Atlas of Atlanta, Georgia, which was published for the Southern and Southwestern Surveying and Pub. Co. in 1878. This is a representation of the atlas pages arranged in proper order. We are working on a stitched-together version, but the scale isn’t consistent across the pages. If you have a suggestion for how to best display the pages, please share in the comments!

We had several favorite finds on the map.

Northside Drive was once known as Race Track Street. Memorial Drive was Fair Street. (There are still remnants of Fair in Castleberry Hill.)

What’s now known around town as the AUC — the Atlanta University Center — was then known as the ACU — the Atlanta Colored University.

Parcels of land seem to be labelled according to who owned them. For example, most of the area we now know as Grant Park is marked with the name L.P. Grant. Just five years later, according to the New Georgia Encyclopedia, Lemuel P. Grant proposed to donate 100 acres of land there for Atlanta’s first city-owned public park.

What do you notice on the map?

Also, check out the overview page

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