1928 Atlanta City Map

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This Map is from a 1928 survey of the city. You should really click the fullscreen button (lower right on image) for this one. This map is the subject of a much larger project here at the Emory Library.

Some fun things that jump out on this map include Morris Brown University was in the Old Fourth Ward on Boulevard between Irwin Street and Houston Street (now John Wesley Dobbs Avenue.) Where we now have Maynard Jackson High School and a concrete plant, there was the James L. Kay Golf Course. However, the most stunning thing seems to be how much more physically connected the city seems to have been in 1928.

This map is made of 50 pages that were scanned, cropped and stitched together. If the map was printed at its full resolution it would measure 13 feet by 8 feet. The individual pages of this map and the 1878 map can be viewed on Emory Library’s MARBL site.

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