We decided to begin our analysis by attending to geography. Our visualization relies on the 31,825 tweets in Emory’s collection that are geolocated. Since this collection was a project that Scott Turnbull developed as the movement was developing, we have geolocation data beginning in October 13, 2011. This means that some of the important moments in the Occupy Wall Street movement are not represented in our current project.

The geolocated tweets are written by people who chose, at some point, to have Twitter record their location. This self disclosing group of tweeters may not reflect the ten million other tweets. We discussed other ways to get geographical information from the tweets, including mapping tweets by locations mentioned or mapping tweets by the user’s location, if one was given in their profile. In the end, we decided that focusing on twitter users who self disclosed their location would provide an interesting group to examine, particularly if their tweets reflected different content by location.